2015 Chestnut Hill College Softball Season Preview

Through a new coaching staff, a new culture, and a new attitude, the Chestnut Hill College softball team has been reborn.

Let’s take an in depth look at the new and improved Chestnut Hill College softball team.

Four new coaches have arrived on campus this year to take over the softball program. It started with the head coach. Former head coach John Kelly is out and first year head coach Mike Gospodarek is in. Along with Gospodarek, the CHC softball program also welcomes assistant coach Marisa, assistant coach Janese, and assistant coach Christine. All four coaches do not have a ton of experience, but are determined to make their mark on the conference.

“As a team, we believe that our new coaching staff will not only provide an increased knowledge of the game of softball, but also they have provided a new culture for our overall program,” said junior first baseman Allison Williams (Warrenton, VA).softball2

One advantage going into the season that the softball program will lean on is that they are a very experienced group of women. With only four players who have never gotten a taste of a college softball game before, the new coaching staff will rely heavily upon their returning players.

“With the majority of us entering our third year in the program, we are looking forward to a fresh new start,” said Megan Kehr (Exton, PA). “We believe that we have a great core group here with the combination of our returning players as well as an outstanding group, a very talented group, of new comers.”

With an unfortunate injury to junior second baseman Julie Heaton (Berlin, NJ) who led the team in batting average (.333), at bats (102), hits (34) and RBI (19) last season, the team will look to the leadership of the remaining returning players and the new talent brought on by the underclassmen until the Calvary is once again at full strength.

For the second time in the program’s history, the women will be traveling down to Florida over spring break to soak up some warm weather, and more importantly, step on a field for the first time as a united group to test where they stand.

“I feel the trip will help bring together our new program and outlook,” said Gospodarek. “All of their hard work through the fall and winter workouts will be able to be put to the test on the dirt.”

ch softball“The only thing on our minds during winter workouts is getting out and finally being able to step back out onto a field with the sun beating down upon us,” said Carney.

When the women get back from Florida, Philadelphia University will be coming to campus on March 7 to compete in a CACC doubleheader beginning at 1P.M.

“We are determined to show how hard we have worked this off-season,” said Kehr. “We are a group of talented athletes who love to play softball and who are determined to win.”

I think it is safe to say that as a college community, we can expect great things from this year’s softball team.


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